A bit of flash fiction… just for fun.


He seemed really nice, she thought. Her mother would really like him. He was exactly the man that she thought he would be after communicating so much in the last few days before meeting for the first time tonight. Not backward in coming forward shall we say, but after her ex, she was quite happy for someone to take charge and make decisions. What was it he’d said as he ordered the dessert? Oh, yes.. “I think you need to have the best thing on this menu Amy, so I shall insist that we order the Caramalised Chai Chocolate Truffles. We can share them. They are divine. I can’t wait to feed you one”, he’d said with a cheeky glint in his deep brown eyes. She flushed the toilet and opened the stall door, looking down at the ground to make sure that she wasn’t about to traipse out into the fancy restaurant toting some urine stained toilet paper on her stilletto heels. The dessert would already be at the table by now. She shouldn’t have spent so long sitting on the toilet playing Tinder.

She could already see the courtship unfold. Dinner parties with all their friends. Near constant travel. A lifestyle baked decadently in wine and sex. She knew what it was he wanted, a pretty bird on his arm, a possession. He thought he knew what she wanted, an ambitious and charismatic young man, someone to show her the world. He thought they would be perfect together. She knew they wouldn’t. And as she slipped her heels off and climbed out of the high bathroom window and into the crisp night air of the alleyway behind the restaurant, she realised that she would not even bother trying.